The Beloved – Sweet Harmony (Northern People Remix – Cid Inc. Re-Edit)

I have always loved The Beloved – their first album and the remix album of it got me into electronic music probably more than anything else. Strange to think I was into the Balaeric sound back then. So I’m always interested in any remixes of their classics. Wow just wow!This re-edited by CID Inc of the already astonishing ‘Northern People’ Bootleg Mix by Kosmas Epsilon & Zorz (Check it out here )has it all. The basslines reminiscent of old school rave tunes (A slow downed “Let Me Show You” by Camisra anyone?), the etherealness synth of the original, the hint of a breakbeat and those lyrics.. surely words we can all get behind at the moment. One for both beach and sweaty clubs…remember them? And free download too…get on it.

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