Bernard Wright – Haboglabtribin (D-Funk’s G’z & Hustlas Edit)

If you’re a Funk lover from the ’80s, there’s a good chance you would have got your groove on to Bernard Wright’s classic Haboglabtribin at some point whereas if you’re a ’90s Hip Hop fan, there’s a good chance some serious head-nodding went down while you listened to Snoop Dogg’s track G’z & Hustlas from his infamous Doggystyle album. Snoop’s track heavily sampled Bernards and with that in mind, D-Funk set to work to merge the two together with a chunky and funky midtempo Breaks twist and the result is one you’re going to be very pleased you stopped by to listen to! This is most definitely one for the G’z and hustlas!


Buy D-Funk’s edit here on Bandcamp.


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