Big Fat Mama Beats – FreeFat#3

We have been hugely impressed with the Breakbeat that has been rolling off the production line over at Big Fat Mama Beats Records, ever since it’s inception just under a year ago. Their most recent compilation album ‘Funk Bananas Vol.2’ has been climbing Breaks charts worldwide and as thanks for all the support it has received, the imprint has assembled this 4 track EP ‘FreeFat#3’ which, as you might already guess, is all yours for free!

The first of these tracks come from the relatively unheard of South African producer Sonale. One thing is for sure, if the music from him is as impressive as his fun and funky Big Beat tweak on Led Zepplin’s ‘Bring It Home’, his fanbase will grow in no time at all! Following on we have The Funk Philosopher’s squelchy and imposing Breaks spin on Staunch’s Glitch Hop monster ‘Fight Milk’ which will cause plenty of carnage on the dance floor. Track three sees Big Fat Mama Beats bring us another newcomer to the world of Big Beat, Russia’s The Tesla’s Method. His track ‘I Like The Ladies’ is a slight step down in intensity from his Rock heavy and anarchic Big Beat sound but make no mistake, his free offering is an edgy and addictive beast that you’ll struggle to tame. Legendary Breaks producer One Dead Jedi ends the EP with his rave-inspired Breaks track ‘Don’t Even Go There’ which will have shufflers from the old skool and nu-skool uniting as one on the floor. Quality stuff yet again from the Big Fat Mama Beats camp!


Find all the links for each track here on Soundcloud.

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