Big Fat Mama Beats – Funk Bananas Vol.3 (V/A)

Here with its annual offering of all things Funk and Breakbeat is Big Fat Mama Beats‘Funk Bananas Vol.3’ compilation album featuring 17 action-packed tracks! Making sure there’s a little something for everyone and every party situation is covered, Big Fat Mama Beats has rounded up a handful of its highly talented rostered artists to provide us with a jaw-dropping selection of music that covers plenty of bases on the bpm front.

With attention-grabbing tracks everywhere on ‘Funk Bananas Vol.3’, a few standout tracks for us include Sonale‘s mighty Glitch Funk tune ‘Snafu’ which opens the album and gives a great indication as to just how heavy things are gonna get. The Funk Philosopher delivers what is possibly the funkiest track to be found with a proper 110 banger in ‘Funky Monkey’.

Pulpfuison‘s ‘I Want Your Soul’ became an instant favourite of ours when it was released on BFMB’s ‘Food Of The Gods’ album and now Adrenalinez have got their hands on it and put a ravey peak-time Breaks spin on it, we’ve got another new favourite track to add to our collection. Rory Hoy is at his Big Beat best as he serves up an intense, acidic and cinematic belter in ‘Pull The String’. One Dead Jedi‘s ‘Evil Wizard’ is a piece of Breakbeat magic that will cast its spell on you with its slightly twisted approach and frenetic drums.

Other contributors to this well-stocked basket of fruity beats n pieces include Fortis, Mr Bristow, Old Flame and label co-founder Wiccatron, who all have standout tunes of their own just waiting to be heard you all.


Buy ‘Funk Bananas Vol.3’ here on Juno.

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