BIzzy B- Twisted Mentasm Remixes

Back in 1993, Twisted Mentasm was a mainstay of the Hardcore Jungle sound, fast and furious, instantly recognisable, this massive slice of underground Rave returns for 2022 and it’s had a remix!

Hardcore Jungle, Breakbeat Hardcore, New Hardcore and Jungle, whatever you want to call it, the sound that captured the nation in the early 90’s is back with artists and DJs new and old contributing to the revival. For the younger Gen X’rs like myself, the frustration of not knowing anything about the tunes I loved and still do is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

‘Twisted Mentasm’ is one of those tunes, I first heard it on a tape simply called ‘Ratty & Tango’, a live mix with the MC dubbed out consisting of terrifying Hardcore tunes at 160 beats per minute.

Now I don’t make music but my senses tell me this track must be admired by music makers, there is so much going on, it all syncs up and tells a story from the opening strings right through to the numerous hoovers and the deeper interludes that have a cascading effect. It’s no wonder it was popular with the DJs of the time and going back to that well worn cassette I once owned, the tune crucially stands out in a mix that included early Lemon D and Doc Scott tunes.

The Dub II mix is a faithful update well suited for the new wave of Jungle. The funky twisted hoovers remain with a nice heavy amen break. If he hasn’t already, I could certainly hear Tim Reaper dropping this into a set while a crowd huddles over the decks looking for the ID!

Until now, I’ve never heard the B side, a track titled ‘Bad Boy’, similar in style to the infamous A side but sounding very much like an early incarnation of the golden era 94 to 95 Jungle sound. Hardcore history is reaching a wider audience and I for one could be not be happier!

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