BLR – Odyssee

Release date 30th August on AFTR:HRS

BLR’s upcoming album is an ‘Odyssee’ of rich, melodic House & Electronica

Having played at some of the biggest open air events across the globe, BLR is about to drop an album full of sublime sounds from the opening melancholy strings of ‘Odyssee Part 1’ to the melodic house of part 2 through to the warm downtempo vibes of ‘I Like The Way You Move’ with Albanega, the percussion rich, North African inspired sounds of ‘Lokva’, the future Jazz/Soul symphony of ‘Calor’ (also with Albanega) and the upbeat Melodic deep house of ‘Meduse’ plus a whole load more diverse and enjoyable music!

Here you have a great listening album, a great album to dance and/or enjoy according to your preference!


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