Bombstrikes: The Best of 2019 (Bombstrikes)

If you only managed to somehow catch half of the music that Bombstrikes released last year, that will still have been more than enough to know that it had a very impressive and very big 2019. A steady stream of top quality EP’s was rolled out, it’s assortment of Funk, Bass and Disco led compilation albums have all grown in stature with new volumes added and Bombstrikes bosses Mooqee and Beatvandals spent the year in a celebratory mood as their label turned 15 years old and quite right too!

To end their eventful year, Mooqee and Beatvandals sat down and took on the task of sifting through the 2019 highlight reel to pick out a bunch of tracks to feature on their last compilation of last year ‘Bombstrikes: The Best of 2019’. With only 15 slots to fill, the debating must have gone on long into the night, but the slots were filled and the music that has been delivered once again states just how big 2019 was for them and at the same time, gives a true representation of what Bombstrikes is all about.

Amongst the highlights on offer, some that we particularly enjoyed over the year that feature on the album include Beatvandals’ Discofied remix of ‘Music Saves Me’ by Ali B feat. Bam Bam, WBBL‘s glitchy remix of ‘Boogie’ by Shaka Loves You feat. Fullee Love, X-Ray Ted‘s funked-up ‘Mirror Ballin’ off his July EP release of the same name, Shaka Loves You’s dazzling ‘Disco Weapon’ that is what it says it is and last but by no means least in terms of our favourites and it being the final track on the album, Mooqee and Beatvandals 2019 Disco rework of ‘Player’ that featured on the labels brilliant anniversary album ‘Bombstrikes: 15 Years’. There is, of course, lots more to choose from, so get the funky tunes spinning and pick your winner(s)!

With 2020 well underway, Bombstrikes already has one new EP release under its belt by Shaka Loves You, another one dropping tomorrow (21/2/20) by The Niceguys and a forthcoming one in March by Krafty Kuts, all of which we’ll get round to catching with very soon. We do understand that you may well want to check that music out now and can do so on the links provided below. Till then, keep on funkin’!


Buy ‘Bombstrikes: The Best of 2019’ here on Bandcamp.


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