Bombyce – Hip Hop Mix (August 2021) [Free DL]

If you’re on the hunt for a reliable source of top-quality Funk, Disco and Hip Hop mixes to brighten up your day significantly, Bombyce is just the chap you need to be following! Whatever the avenue of music he chooses to go down, you can be sure the best tracks of those styles have been extracted from their scenes with extreme precision so that his signature smooth flow is firmly in place and the maximum amount of enjoyment is had by the listener when tuning in to any of his mixes.

The freshest mix on the bloc from Bombyce is his brand new “Hip Hop Mix” that’s lined with edits and remixes of stone-cold classics and more than generous helping of Funk to boot and is as always, free to download. If you’re checking in on Bombyce for the first time and you’re loving his new mix, this is just the tip of a very large iceberg of mixes, so after your second and quite possibly third listens to it, pay his Soundcloud page a visit and get lost in music.


Links for Bombyce :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Hearthis / Mixcloud



00 – Double A – Dr. Jawn
01 – Pete Rock – They Reminisce Over You
02 – Smoove – String Island
03 – RSN feat. Quilombo & MC Yinka – Victory
04 – Don’t Mess With My Pieces (Nextmen Edit)
05 – Eric B & Rakim – Don’t Sweat The Technique (Second Hand Audio Remix)
06 – S.O.U.L. – Burning Spear (Matman’s Go With The Flow Edit)
07 – MysDiggi & Downstroke – Make The Cut (Vocal mix)
08 – Redhead & Kingpin – Do The Right Thing
09 – Suckaside – Caminhoes
10 – Westchester Eagle (Jim Sharp Mix)
11 – Andy Cooper – Goin’ All Out
12 – DJ Tron – Wallcreeper
13 – Jungle Fire – Comencemos (Renegades Of Jazz Remix)
14 – Palov & Mishkin – Dreadfunk
15 – Cave In (Jim Sharp Remix)
16 – Viking Grooves – Hot Pants Funk
17 – Smoove – Take It Easy (Dub)
18 – Sven Wegner – Head Nod Funk
19 – Sugar Haze feat. Chuck D (Ross Go Edit)
20 – King Most – This Ain’t Game (Go! Go! Go!)

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