Borai & Denham Audio Present: Club Glow Vol​.​2

Borai & Denham Audio Present ‘Club Glow Vol. 2’, a cassette and digital double album featuring futuristic breakbeat hardcore from Mani Festo & LMajor.

2 full length albums make up ‘Club Glow Vol. 2’, an album from Mani Festo and one from LMajor. Both artists make fresh musical shapes from the genre we know as Breakbeat Hardcore.

Mani Festo blends shades of Techno, DnB and Oldskool Hardcore on tracks like ‘Gravity Shift’, ‘Journey To The Centre’, the dark techy breakbeat grime of ‘Concorde II’ and the Metalheadz esque ‘7Eleven’ Ft Hn.

The Lisa Stansfield sasmpling deep opus that is ‘Looking For A Meaning’ is a candidate for a stand alone single, a breathable, eerie slice of breakbeat brilliance. Diehard ravers will love the fast paced energy of ‘Revolutions and ‘To The Core’, all in all, 11 tracks of slick production and engaging beats.

LMajor’s album features a mix of cool DJ tools and full length tracks with a bass driven vibe. Tracks like ‘The Ministry Of Love’ blend UK Garage with breakbeat rave/jungle plus cool samples. Another massive club anthem presents itself in the rumbles of ‘Propaganda’ while ‘BH05 067’ filters 303s and bnarly techy synth stabs into a 90s hardcore blender.

‘Switch’ fuses rave signatures with a bubbling grime interface for some bass face jump like a mad ‘un action! ‘It’s Raw’ takes us deep inside the rave with big hardcore techno stabs and jungle breaks. ‘Time’ will sound a note with fans of the early Bukem sound while ‘Tears will please early techstep lovers or lovers of the late 90s Ray Keith production style. This second album finishes with a floursish of classic DnB flavoured rollers making for a well rounded sound over 17 tracks and DJ tools.

With the addition of a mixtape, this double LP is an absolute must for those who love forward thinking beats with a n ear to the best the past has to offer.


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