Borai-Sanctuary EP

With crisp attention to detail, a love of all things Hardcore Rave and the production skills to bring the sound into 2020, Borai gives us the gift of the ‘Sanctuary EP’

Fans of modern rave music are in for something extra special. Borai’s latest EP combines elements of Melodic Jungle and Darkside Hardcore on two stunning productions.

‘Sanctuary’ is summer packed into a warm rolling blend of early 90s rave and Bukem style Jungle. The famous ‘Sanctuary Of Love’ vocals fit like a glove over blissful melodies and sublime amen breaks.

‘Carpet Bagger’ totally flips the script with a Hardcore Techno banger forged in the dark rave sound of Ratty & Tango, Ron Wells and circa 93 Doc Scott. A perfect contrast conveyed through two pristine productions.

Out on Vinyl/Digital Late June

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