Breakbeat Paradise Recordings – Breakin the Riddim Vol.2

Here with a well stacked smorgasbord full of all things Dub, Reggae, Funk and Ghetto Funk driven Breaks, comes Breakbeat Paradise Recordings with “Breakin’ The Riddim Vol. 2”. After fusing together the aforementioned styles with great success on Vol. 1, the BBP team pulled the strings big time by bringing us 12 brand new tracks that will stoke up any party anytime any of them are played.

Relative newcomers Illgorhythms, Liberty Chaps and Ocelus join established artists such as DJ Clairvo & The Kurnel MC, Cockney Nutjob, Leygo, Fredy High, Bezwun, Basschimp, Funkliners, Pecoe and Morlack. With each track being one to look out for, a quartet of hard picked favourites of ours include DJ Clairvo & The Kurnel MC’s liquid smooth “Lyrical Stepper”, Leygo’s bass driven stomper “Medication”, Bezwun’s floor shaking “No Surrender” and Funkliners filth heavy skanker “Mad Man”. If the party is on, lock and load “Breakin’ The Riddim Vol. 2” to your set lists and playlists so that you’re well equipped to do things proper.


Buy “Breakin’ the Riddim Vol. 2” here on Juno.


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