After shoring up the foundations of the ward from the destruction BRØKEN‘s ‘Conspiracy Vol. 1’ compilation album caused, those very foundations have been put through the wringer once again as Vol. 2 blasts out of our speakers and thanks to the insane amount of bass on board, the results are exactly the same, the foundations are broken once again!

‘Conspiracy Vol. 2’ is this time made up of 11 tracks that represent the whole spectrum of dark underground bass music with a wide range of styles and tempos to be found. The bass fiends who have all delivered their A-game this time around includes a trio of returning artists to the compilation series with those being Tyler Clacey, Greed, and Spectrum. The rest of the album is made up of the newcomers to this imposing and impressive compilation series, who are all hungry to make their impression on you with the colossal sound they make. Arridim, IVO, NuBass, CLB, MMEE, J. Kong, Ricin, and Event Horizon are those very artists and along with the other three mentioned, they deliver music for the peak-time madness and for those grimy after-hours sessions. If it ain’t broke, BRØKEN will always help break it!


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