Bronx Cheer Feat Carmen Clayton – Time To Move

It’s ‘Time To Move’ with Bronx Cheer (Ft Carmen Clayton) with a bit of remix help from Piers Kirwan & BC

When the sun’s out and the atmosphere outside is positive and friendly, you just want to crank up some feel good house music. Good thing Bronx Cheer have just released their new track with Carmen Clayton, a lush club groove with lyrics you’ll be singing all year long. For the Deep House heads, Piers Kirwan provides a mellowed out midnight summer style chugger of a remix. If you love a bit of 80s groove with plenty of cowbell and toms, the BC Revival mix will be booming out of your car speakers with the roof down, it’s time to move!

More Info on Bronx Cheer ‘Time To Move’ Here

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