Bunjy x Kickback Ft Kayla – Boundaries

New label X-AMNT kicks off with the sweet soul and slammin’ DnB of Bunjy x Kickback Ft Kayla ‘Boundaries’

The ever growing pool of DnB talent has a new label to look out for! X-AMNT launches with a huge debut single. The emotive vocals of Kayla throw back to the early 00’s R&B/UKG era singing a saccharine love song to 3 different beats. 1-Kickback’s bass rumble dancehall DnB with bass shots made for ripping up the rave! 2-Bunjy’s R&B version perfect for intimate dancing and a more Hip Hop styled Chris Gould version, It’s a case of choose your mood and pick one of these bangers to match!!!


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