Bush Doctors – Medicine Show (Album Review)

On my adventures stumbling through the lavish urban undergrowth of groove, I found this hefty dose of musical boom juice from Bush Doctors.


Bush Doctors is the dirty love child of Jem Panufnik, and his legendary long term compadre, DJ, Producer and Artist, Rennie Pilgrem (check out Rennie’s artwork HERE… !).  Some of you may know their earlier works released on Finger Lickin’ Records and Rennie’s output on his epic DJing travels across the universe as label owner of TCR Records.

So what’ the result then?  It was great to see they didn’t shy away from their roots, lashings of quintessential traits of both gents shine through!  There’s butt jackin’ drummage, tantalising tech, 70s inspiration aplenty,  meticulously structured room and swinging perc, fruity low funk guitars, steamy punk chick vox, , molten sticky bass, mysterious colour scapes … and last but not least… the essential ingrediant ….groove!

So yes, the verdict, “Medicine Show” is indeed a staple requirement in any non-straightened bass freaks first aid box!

Here’s how it rolls…

  1. Rockin’ On A Speaker
  2. Turn It On (ft. Heather McCallum)
  3. Space Hopper
  4. There Is A Ghost In My House (Bush Doctor’s Bump In The Night Mix)
  5. Night Train
  6. Worlds Apart

Make sure you don’t miss out on properly getting your  freak on to their bonus beats DJ MIX too!

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