Cantina Cuts 07 – South Coast Survivors EP

Cantina Cuts 07 brings together 4 ‘South Coast Survivors’ on one stellar Hardcore Rave EP

The EP kicks off with a momentous slice of hands in the air oldskool hardcore. Nightmare & UFO’s ‘New Flex’ bursts into the happiest of piano with some gorgeous female vocals with a sub heavy Jungle Tekno mid section loaded with turntablist scratches. Dj Melody’s ‘Warmth’ has plenty of it with a warm analogue sound, heavy amen breaks, 303s and otherworldly chimes that fuse the sound of 1992 with later Hardcore. Next is this writer’s favourite, a track that takes it way back in terms of style. DJ Jedi’s ‘Come On’ is the archetypal uplifting rave tune with extra heavy, rolled to perfection breaks and the purist of hardcore piano with mid sections of stabby hoover flawlessness. Blade rounds off another excellent chapter in the story of Cantina Cuts with the Hip Hop Hardcore of ‘Get Mad.’ The hoovers are tough and merciless on this one in true early ‘ardcore style. Detroit Techno influences kick in at the midway point with a lush string section that Kevin Saunderson himself would be proud of. Assured quality from the South Coast’s finest exponents of Breakbeat Rave.

You can learn more about the artists here

Cantina Cuts – South Coast Survivors EP – Nightmare & UFO/Blade/Jedi/Melody – CC07 – 4 track – 12" vinyl

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