Captain Flatcap – Freemix EP (Scour Records)

Back in December 2016, Scour Records released the first ever full length LP on the imprint by the Swing, Ska, Funk, Folk and filth loving Guilford based crew, Captain Flatcap.  Fast forward to 2018 and along comes 4 remixes of tracks from that very LP from artists whose sound Captain Flatcap admire greatly.

Liberty Chaps are the first of those artists and and they’ve put a smooth and funky Glitch Hop remix together of the opening track of the LP ‘Awakening’. Dropping in with another dose of Glitch Hop comes Crash Party with their Rock heavy, party smashin’ take on ‘Boom Bap Boxing’ feat. Great Scott.

The filth from the first two tracks is washed clean away by the next remix which comes from Extra Medium’s delicious downtempo Bass Funk makeover of ‘This Time’ feat. William Breakspear. What goes down must come back up, right? Well that’s the way we’re heading with the final remix of ‘Rumblestiltskin’ by Oddfonix. It’s very much a Jekyl and Hyde tune this one as the almost Classical intro leads you into a false sense of security before you’re knocked clean of your seat by a tidal wave of bass.

The 4 remixes have been released to coincide with a forthcoming release by Captain Flatcap on Breakbeat Paradise Recordings. To check a preview of what’s to come, have a listen to this mini-mix teaser :


Download the ‘Freemix’ EP here on Toneden.


Links for Captain Flatcap :

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Links for Scour Records :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Website / YouTube / Twitter

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