CAREBOT$ (Raising money for the NHS and Médecins Sans Frontières) (Bass Agenda Recordings)

Back in April of this year, London based Bass Agenda Recordings sent out word to the international Electro and Techno producer community to let it be known that a charity album was being planned to raise money the for the NHS and Médecins Sans Frontières during the current Coronavirus pandemic. Now, whether Bass Agenda was expecting the response it got or not we don’t know, but from where we’re sat, the response from both producer communities after catching wind of the message can only be described as simply staggering because 142 of them have sent over a track to contribute to what is easily one of the biggest albums on the planet! And yes, that is 142 tracks!

When it comes to compilation albums that I blog, I normally have a listen and pick out a few tracks that I like and ones that give a good representation of what to expect on the album, but because this is the largest body of music I’ve ever come across on an album before, I’ve only managed to make my way through one-third of it. I’ve no doubts, though, that there will be plenty of tracks I’ll love further down the tracklist because the music I’ve heard thus far is very impressive indeed and if you like your music deep, dark, twisted and at times mesmerizing and thunderous, you will love a lot of what you hear also. Whether you’re from the old-skool and you love a retro sound or your from the nu-skool and you prefer a more modern-day sound, this album has the power and presence to unite us all.

Bass Agenda’s CAREBOT$ album is all yours for £16, which makes it a very worthwhile purchase to help raise some money for charity.

A note from Bass Agenda Records:

“Audio quality may vary a little from track to track due to multiple mastering engineers being involved in the project, to keep costs down and maximise revenue for the two charities in question”.


Buy the CAREBOT$ charity album here on Bandcamp.


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