Champion Sound-Instrukshun EP

Dem me never tell ya bout Champion Sound? Listen up to the ‘Instrukshun EP’

Push up ya lighter and get yer skank on because ‘Murdah Di Bwoi’ comes in dubby, hard and ragga-docious with crashing amens, sirens, Ragga MCs and bashment vocals. If you hear this bad boy, do NOT approach as it’s dangerous!

‘Continuum’ mixes up Prodigy/Force Mass Motion riffs with a spellbinding fusion of Jungle amens and Hardcore stomp. Kind of like ‘The Burial’ meets ‘Ruff In The Jungle’ in execution but way more than the sum of those parts. An ingenious earworm of a tune if there ever was one!

‘No Soundbwoi Don’t Cry’ rewrites a certain Bob Marley classic into a twisting, contorting slice of breakbeat science. If you’re a fan of Abyss’ Switchblade Digital label, this will be right up your street. The breaks are a thing of wonder for sure!

‘Total’ opens with a mixture of Hardcore, sped up House/Techno/Trance and Dub Reggae (yes that’s right!) before a thunderous drum roll launches all these elements into the Jungle. We always thought such things cannot co exist but Champion Sound have proved us wrong. It goes together so well, you can only wonder why no one ever thought about it before. Serious talent right here!!!

Available 25/06/21 From Kniteforce Revolution


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