Charles & The Fury – Night Tunes

Chill out, kick back and soak up the vibes from ‘Night Tunes’, the new Charles & The Fury EP on the Cosmetiq imprint

This gorgeous EP of chilled electronica begins with ‘Solar Moon’, a oceanic haunting groove that builds with subtle strings, deep organ melodies and gentle tribal drums, perfect for throwing yourself into a cushion to.

‘All Atoms’ is super chilled, a weightless sensation with almost two minutes of beat free musical mystery and magic. The remainder of the track unfolds into a sci fi symphony that conjures up images of drones flying over a future metropolis.

‘Cloud Seed’ draws influences from a variety of influencers ranging from Angelo Badalamenti to early KLF and Aphex Twin. Bittersweet keys tug on the heart strings in this rich soundscape of melancholia.

‘Night Tunes / 100 Billion Suns’ is the ultra-ambient closing number for this release, a wonderful, late night floating composition with shades of Pink Floyd. Almost like a mini album, the changes come rapidly as the track unfolds into new blissful sections, one after the other. Sink into a blanket and belly breathe. Close your eyes and make this your relaxation soundtrack

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