Charles & The Fury – Resonances

Charles & The Fury present 6 tracks of deep, full, and reverberating Future Garage, full of ‘Resonances’

Opening track ‘Breathe In the Air’ is a towering ode to mindfulness with powerful ambient chords, a track of soaring, cinematic grace.

The title track bristles with beatless beauty and elegance, grandiose, awe-inspiring future-soul for 2019.

‘With Your Love’ is cold, fresh, morning air in audio form with a pining soul and a rumbling underbelly of deep bass.

‘Elemental’ is a sunny dose of synthwave leaning chill with lovely vocals and gentle beats.

Closing track ‘Delta’ has an astronomical feel, the weightless feeling of floating through space and gliding past the sun. It could indeed be the soundtrack to an epic Sci-Fi Fantasy with its striking chords, accompanied by a pleasing vinyl pop and crackle and slow-motion beats.
Another gem from the Future Cosmetiq label.

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