The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy Hey Girl (Deeper Than L Remix)

Newcastle Upon Tyne’s Deeper Than L is a House producer whose sound is very much in tune with the peak-time sessions and his remix of one of the greatest pieces of electronic music to ever be made, Hey Boy, Hey Girl by The Chemical Brothers, is one that will send the energy of the dancefloor through the roof! After grinding down the abrasive chemical edge of the original, Deeper Than L delivers a well-rounded Progressive House remix that features tension building breakdowns and epic drops while ticking along at a spritely 125bpm to make sure ravers are kept on their toes. It can be tricky taking on such classics as The Chems one and while die-hard fans may not connect with it, we certainly have and we’re doffing our caps in his direction for a job well done.


Download Deeper Than L’s free remix here.


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