Children Of The Sun God – The Chemical Path

The first of two new EPs on Kniteforce Prime is a new alias of Kniteforce stalwart, DJ Deluxe. We go back to the vibe of 91′ with 4 heavyweight Hardcore toons!!!!

The Awakening
A hard as nails opener with distorted acid and a positively ripping hoover ensemble juxtaposed by sweet, soulful vocals and out in the ether strings. In other words, proper oldskool innit?

The Buzz
Time for some raggamuffin rave business n’ ting! This certified banger reminds me a bit of early Dave Charlesworth and Phuture Assassins. Listen and you will understand!

The Rush
This is probably my favourite as it really embodies the hardness and headiness of early 91′ ‘ardcore. All my favourite bleeps, bloops and hoovers all in one freight train of a track!

The Comedown
There’s clearly a theme going here with the track titles and the progression interms of style. This one is a little bit more ‘jungle’ with a think break and Ragga samples that kinda sound like early Noise Factory material ie trippy and bouncy!

Available 23/06/22 on Kniteforce Revolution

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