Chrissy’s ‘Resilience’ LP is a fresh but faithful ode to the sound of 90s rave

Old raver or new, you will fall in love with Chrissy’s incredible album. ‘Like A Fantasy’ kicks off the action with a bubbling blend of 4×4 pumping techno, uplifting rave synths and 303s. Oh and don’t forget the MASSIVE¬† Reese bassline that forms the underbelly of this fine opener.

‘Do What You Feel’ is as pure rave as pure rave gets, optimistic, wide eyed pianos, the ‘do what you feel’ vocal made famous by MC Lethal and a speedy, rolling break a la 1992 to a 2!

‘Your Ghost’ revisits the 90’s Italo House/Pop Dance sound with a haunting vocal (sung by Maria Amor) about losing a loved one. It’s powerful, emotional and could easily get any 90s kid misty eyed.

‘2CI Fridays’ hails back to Chrissy’s ‘Chrissy Murderbot’ alias with filtered jungle breaks and snappy footwork style kicks. A gentle organ floats above the booming subs and phat beats to add an extra layer of fire into the mix!

‘We Need Love’ dips straight back into the 92 hardcore sound with a rapid fire style callback to artists like Nookie, Rhythm Section & Family Foundation. You could just hear this at an early Dreamscape of Fantazia.

‘U Can’t Stop’ is full on rudeboy Jungle Tekno with a bouncing 4×4 kick, funky winding bassline, tribal drums and and Belgian techno stabs.

‘Play Structure’ with Dean Grenier drops the tempo into the 130BPM region for some lush 92 style Breakbeat House a la Psi, Ratpack and co. A mellow breeze of strings makes this writer want to go out and enjoy the sun with this tune as my soundtrack.

‘In Another Life’ drops the tempo back further for a chilled, rolling slice of R&B influenced breaks that practically shouts summer.

‘So I Go Dancing’ with Carrie Wilds taps into the European/North of England style 90s House sound (Love Decade, Dream Frequency). Carrie’s stunning vocals tell a story of overcoming anxiety and depression through dancing set to a super uplifting, punchy rhythm.

‘Call On Me’ evokes the 94 Jungle sound of Tom & Jerry with spooky soul samples, chopped up sesame street breaks, classic junglistic amens and a dash of Hip Hop vibes.

‘Hold On Tight’ takes us for one last trip to 92 with more hi-octane stabs, hammering kicks, super low subs, and rushy pianos to dance in a muddy field to!

‘I Still Remember’ mixes up UK Funky/Garage style beats with mellow Italo Piano and head pleasing melodies. This album is nothing short of amazing, you should buy it right now!

Get it from Bandcamp and all good Download stores

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