Club Glow x Disc Shop Zero – Fundraiser for Naoki

Get your Pre Order in for Club Glow x Disc Shop Zero – Fundraiser for Naoki. A compilation courtesy of Club Glow with 100% proceeds going to the family of recently passed Disc Shop Zero owner, Naoki

We feel its only right to start with the press release for this compilation

“This tape is dedicated to Disc Shop Zero and its owner Naoki, who recently passed away.

Naoki was a big supporter of UK culture and music scene, (with a particular soft spot for Bristol) and did a lot to support artists within the UK scene at his events and in his shop. He welcomed anyone visiting to Japan into his home, introduced them to his family and went above and beyond to accommodate people with such warmth.

As someone who has supported Club Glow from the beginning as well as each of us individually, we’ve pulled together a host of like minded artists who either knew Naoki personally or someone who we knew he’d like and put together a jam packed tape for all of you”

The album begins with  Borai РPeople Who Go To Raves, a warm, hazy, fugue inducing blend of deep Detroit notes, UK Funky beats and Techno kicks that descends into an atmospheric bass/rave workout

LMajor – One Shots takes the UK Funky vibe and upscales it into a pounding Resse bass and Jungle breaks firestarter with Hardcore stabs and beat switches between stomping kicks and rolling beats

Denham Audio – Feelings puts that unmistakable deep twist to a Black Box sample that floats around an oceanic bassline and intricate Junglist beats for the am ravers

Etch – Decade once again showcases the unique beat manipulation of this beatmastee with deep jungle chords, Byzantine drops and a throbbing hybrid of Grime and Jungle

Limited Toss – Gun Jah refreshes the jungle sound with off the wall scratch samples, rubber basslines and eerie Grime instrumental keys set to the tear out amens

Kellam Matthews – Underwater Level lives up to the name with a sub aquatic Lo Fi audio style, jumping kicks and bouncing breaks, Mella Dee /Lone inspired melodies and plenty of pound for your buck

ThugWidow – Kindred Spirits On The Dancefloor deftly builds from timestretched beats into full on hoover rage Jungle Tekno with shards of layered breaks and wall smashing amens

Pressa – PussyFoot blends late night jazz notes into filtered jungle breaks, siren like riffs and incisive bass stabs

Sully – Clash Track will please footwork fans with its spot on formula of stripped back ghetto beats and bass, shades of Bashment/Soundclash culture and booming, stabby subs

West Norwood Cassette Library – Sunshine Loops is short but oh so sweet with trippy, daisy age keys set to a 1990 tempo Hardcore break with a nod to early 4 Hero

Skin Teeth – Saxon Street sets upon a sinister circa 91 dark hardcore path with a bit of Grime and Techno in the mix with the the thumping breakbeats a la Hardcore Rhythm Team

Mantra – Craven Park plays with the rave formula in a Burial like fashion, matching unusual but great sounding beats to rich melody

Mani Festo – Beyond Thunder dome pulls heavy punches with pummelling breaks and dark wubs full of intensity and swagger

Unitz – Incognito revisits the 140 Jungle sound with rumbling Resse bass, booming subs and amen breakage remix reminiscent of Radiokillaz, Rack N Ruin, 601 and the 140 Junglist pioneers

Benton – Pipe Dream is the absolute banger you expect it to be with jungle breaks around the 130BPM range, dreamy keys and vocal refrains with thoroughly bombastic bass

Itoa – Skelli is a slick slice of half steo/footwork/jungle that will please fans of Lost City, Astrophonica etc

Benny ill – Always closes the album with melancholic Leftfield Bass/Breaks workout that seamlessly bridges the gaps between Techno, Jungle and House with deep, dark and emotive vibes

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