Concrete Schoolyard (Mr Fitz Remix)

Mr Fitz flexes his party-startin’ credentials with a Drum and Bass remix of Jurassic 5‘s late 90’s classic “Concrete Schoolyard”. Opening with a taster of what’s to come, a short blast of DnB drums leads us to a breakdown with a more traditional Hip Hop vibe about it and where the J5 guys first join this party piece. The Hip Hop interlude lasts for a minute or so and then morphs into rolling DnB drums, a bassbin friendly bassline and more of those slick and on-point J5 rhymes. Drop this at your next party and it’ll be dancing room only guaranteed!

The J5 remix by Mr Fitz first featured in his now one year old “Mash Tun” mixtape which itself features a ton of his own material. Have a listen below and if you’re loving what you hear, why not give him a follow on Twitch if you haven’t already. It’s bangers on tap when he arrives on your screen!

Download the J5 remix for free here.

Links for Mr Fitz:

Soundcloud / Facebook / Hearthis / Twitch / YouTube / Instagram

Mash Tun Vol 1:


Get Up – Chinese Man (Mr Fitz Edit)
Music Man Prt 1+2 -Mr Fitz Remix
Big Fridge Feat Hypeman Sage – Mr Fitz
Here Comes the judge – Pigmeat Markham (Mr Fitz Remix)
Sea Groove vs Busta
Funky Bukaki – Mr Fitz
Warm it up vs Dizzie Rascal
Rude Break – Mr Fitz
Ruffneck Word – Mr Fitz
Concrete Streets – Jurassic 5 (Mr Fitz edit)
Whats Golden – Jurassic 5 (Mr Fitz Edit)
Ghost Roller – Mr Fitz
The lord make our Way – Mr Fitz remix
Aint nothing changed- Loyle Carner
Jelly Gut Flex – Mr Fitz Feat JPDL
Diggin in the crates – Mr Fitz
Psychedelic Phlegm – Tropigwana
Sunny – (Mr Fitz B-side remix)
Roll with flavour – Mr Fitz
Crib rotting Cave Bear -G&the Sound tribe(Mr Fitz Remix)
Calypso Queen -Calypso Rose (Mr Fitz Edit)
Mash the Bongo ( Mr Fitz Edit )

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