Congratulations On Your Wingwalk Lee!

BIG congratulations to our buddy Lee who completed his wing walk last Sunday in aid of Cystic fibrosis which his son battles on a daily basis. With LSM’s Sid and Logan in tow for support, they set off for the airfield!

In his own words:

‘Awesome ! There is no other word for the experience I had doing a wing walk , what an amazing day ! It got a bit windy before take off and despite it being delayed due to a part of the plane falling off in the previous flight ( not even joking ) there was nothing going to stop me doing it ! The views were amazing and when you see people below and when you wave to them and they wave back it is a proper amazing feeling for some reason lol .’

‘My son Logan told me he was proud of me but said he didn’t understand how come I was so cool about it and not even scared one bit …no way was I going to show weakness after wanting to do this to raise awareness for CF for so long ! I have raised over 2000 pounds for Cystic Fibrosis Trust , lost over a stone and a half in weight to do it ,made my son and friends proud and had an awesome experience I will remember for life , all in all a good result ! . Now I just have to think how I can top a wing walk for my next fundraiser ! xxxxxx HUGE THANKS TO ALL WHO SPONSORED – YOU ARE AMAZING xxxxx’

Well done Lee … we look forward to your next adventure!

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