Copycat – It’s Just Begun E​.​P. (Funk Re​-​takes)

My email inbox is bursting at the seams with emails from Bandcamp and because of the artists I follow on there, so much of it hits the spot every time I get chance to go digging. One of those emails contained this unbelievably brilliant EP ‘It’s Just Begun‘ by, Copycat. At first I thought this was a brand new selection of tunes I could share with you but as it turns out after further inspection, the EP was actually released back in 2013. Don’t let the age of this EP worry you though because as we all know, great music erases it’s time stamp and if anything gets better with age.

‘It’s Just Begun’ features 12 tracks that are going to be some of the funkiest jams you’re ever going to hear! Copycat has put his masterful touch to music from the likes of Jimmy Castor, Michael Viner, All The People, Dennis Coffey and Herman Kelly, plus many more legendary names from the world of Funk and the outcome, well, it’s music that’s going to make your day every time you listen to it. I’ve had my world well and truly funked up after discovering all that’s on offer here, so if you want some of the same, treat yourself and purchase what will be a great soundtrack to the summer.

Be sure to head over to Copycat’s Bandcamp page on the link below as there’s a stack of funky music waiting to unearthed that has the same quality feel as the music posted here. Good times are guaranteed!

Buy the ‘It’s Just Begun’ EP here from Bandcamp.


Links for Copycat :

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