Crash Party – Party Mix Vol. 2

Since the pandemic started, Crash Party has been one of many DJs that has been tearing it up over on Twitch to keep himself occupied and his followers entertained during the lockdown times. He throws down pretty much anything Breakbeat related every Thursday night from 7pm-8pm (GMT) and occasionally he joins one of many weekend raid trains events where DJs all team up to play tunes all day and night one after another to create the closet thing to a festival experience as we’re gonna get right now.

If you have been tuning into any Crash Party’s live streams in the past, there is a very good chance that you’ve heard some of the tracks that feature in his latest studio mix Party Mix Vol. 2. Packed with brand new and unreleased music and a few favourites from the archives, we are served up a Crash Party feast that’s finger-lickin’ good! Kicking off with chunky midtempo Breaks, the mix builds momentum and goes through the gear changes to finish with a full-blown blast of DnB. If you’ve got exercise to do or you just want blow off some steam and have a stomp around to some great music, hit that play button!

If you’re loving what you hear and you would like a free copy and you would like to support Crash Party, simply subscribe to his Twitch account and the mix will be delivered to you shortly after.


Links for Crash Party :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitch



Crash Party – Intro
Second Hand Audio x Crash Party – Want That Lady – feat. Too Many T’s
Crash Party – Rudy By Rudy
Crash Party – It’s On Like That
Crash Party – What You Come To Do – feat. Natty Speaks
Crash Party – Are You Ready Now
Crash Party – Kick It Like
Crash Party – Hush Now
Snails & Antiserum – Wild (DJ Detta x Crash Party VIP mix)
Roast Beatz feat. Kurnel MC – Reach Out (Crash Party Remix)
Double 99 – RIP Groove (WBBL x Crash Party Remix)
Crash Party – Get Simon
Crash Party – 18 Neverminds (Warehouse Mix)
Crash Party – Hip Hop House Party
Crash Party – Get Up and Dance
Crash Party – Funk 2Ur Roots
B-Side x Crash Party – Step Up
Calyx & TeeBee – Pure Gold (Crash Party Remix)
Dirty Glass (Acapella)
DJ Hazard – Happy (Crash Party Remix)
Crash Party – Sweet
Crash Party – Praise
Sepiatonic – Trailer Swift (Crash Party Remix)
Crash Party – Fire
Crash Party – Sandman
Stretch n Vern – Get Up Go Insane (Plump DJs Remix – Crash Party Edit)
The Prodigy – Need Some1 (Crash Party Remix)
Crash Party – Eric
Crash Party – 900 Funky (Acapella)
Crash Party – Feel It
Crash Party – Love
Mr Automatic – Postmodern Love (Crash Party Remix)
Dutty Moonshine Big Band feat. Crash Party – Fever (Crash Party’s Alternative Mix)
Endor – Pump It Up (Crash Party Remix)
Chemical Brothers – Block Rockin’ Beats (Crash Party Remix)
Crash Party – Ooh (Acapella)
The Prodigy – Timebomb Zone (Crash Party Remix)

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