Criss Conflict & Breaksjunky – R-Rated (Mad Panda Recordings)

Criss Conflict and Breaksjunky have been in collaboration mode of late and the first of two new epic Breakbeat tracks to arrive on the scene from them is this heart-racing 140bpm belter R-Rated that is out now on Mad Panda Recordings. Because of the bpm, it is a track you’ll find impossible to not let loose too but at the same time, it has all the capabilities of being a track that could stop you dead in your tracks on the dance floor as you stand with your hands on your head and soak up the beauty and bassline that lies within! Get the track in full on the link below.

If you’re loving what you hear here from Criss Conflict and Breaksjunky, you can have a peek at their second track Glow on either of the Soundcloud links also below. Heavy acid Breaks is how that one is going down!

Buy here from Beatport.

Links for Breaksjunky :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Mixcloud / YouTube / Twitter

Links for Criss Conflict :

Soundcloud / Facebook / YouTube / Twitter / Instagram

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