Cryogenics – Preparation For Something That Will Never Happen LP

Cryogenics returns to Boomsha Recordings for a brand new LP of ocean like DnB, deep, vast and refreshing

We begin with sublime pianos and ethereal grace for the opener ‘Looking For You From The Top Of The Mountain’.

‘Akrotiri’ opens with an ambient wash of dreamlike emotive synths like the sound of staring into space. 2 step beats kick in a la Pfm circa mid 90s and the dream evolves into a slice of proto Liquid DnB fashioned from the bleary eyed soul of 1996.

‘Forbidden Souls’ continues on a path once known as inteligent jungle, a transcendent floating ensemble of heart tugging strings and big beefy jungle beats.

‘Andromeda’ is a musical crocodile in the river, gentle ripples of sound and a rolling break resemble that tanquil river before the crocodile’s jaws emerge in the form of tough amen breaks.

For ‘Blood Red Skies’, Lily Garcia provides the vocals in haunting spoken word form, a perfect compliment to the rugged drums and break of dawn keys full of enigma.

‘Arc 170’ revisits the mind bending sound of late 90s/early 00s DnB. Eerie interstellar synths dance a dangerous yet delightful dance with gritty 2 step beats and layer upon layer of heavy artillery amens.

The unmistakable influence of Aphex Twin can be heard on ‘What They Can’t See’, an analogue bubblebath at the DnB tempo.

‘Ronin’is militant, mutant minimal DnB like the Predator stalkng prey in the jungle. The minimal beats swap weapons for a motherload of tearout amens midway, you have been warned!

‘Can’t Rain All The Time’ takes us back to the ‘inteligent’ jungle one last time with sweet melancholy and inspiring soaring chords.

‘Still Waiting At The Park’ is the outro for this truly amazing heartfelt opus of an album, a final wash of floating piano to a beatless ambience that is pure bliss. Boomsha Recordings is back, Cryogenics is back and the quality is ever present as it always has been, buy this album!

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