Cuz Electric – Santa Cuz EP (Particle Zoo)

Although Cuz Electric are relative newcomers to the world of Disco, the sizeable waves they have been making with their music has not gone unnoticed by many of the top labels of the scene. With future releases on Midnight Riot, Paper Disco, SpinCat, Thunder Jam and Alpaca Edits already penned in, our first catch up with them is their ‘Santa Cuz’ EP that’s out now on Don Dayglow’s red hot Particle Zoo imprint.

Cuz Electric’s ‘Sanata Cuz’ EP delivers two original Disco tracks that both feature the sublime vocal talents of Megan Jones. The first of the two tracks ‘Mothers Ruin’ is an undeniable Disco bomb and has Megan delivering her ode to the quintessentially English Gin n’ Tonic. ‘Dea’s Gone Dancing’ is the second track and if this seductive blend of Nu-Disco and French House doesn’t make you go weak at the knees, you may need to check your pulse!

Following on from those two tracks comes three remixes from Don Dayglow, Andy Buchan and Stephen Richards. Don takes on ‘Mothers Ruin’ and strips it back to produce a squelchy and acidic remix in tribute to Proto-House pioneer Boyd Jarvis, who recently passed away. Andy brings us a full on acid assault with his remix of ‘Dea’s Gone Dancing’ that provides plenty of hands in the air moments along the way to. Stephen’s take on ‘Dea’s Gone Dancing’ sees him head down the Chicago House route and what a classy piece of work it is! In fact, it’s high class work from all involved and we highly recommend getting fully stuck into this cracking EP.


Buy the ‘Santa Cuz’ EP here on Juno.


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