D.J. Wax – Spandangle Selection Volume 5

D.J. Wax presents Spandangle Selection Volume 5 featuring 4 rare early Hardcore & Jungle gems

2018 has been a great year for collectors of oldskool hardcore/jungle rarities and it just got better! This volume of Spandangle Selections features a super rare mix of ‘Moments So Dark’, a much sought after dubplate from 1993 with a distinctive 1993 sound-rolling amen breaks, speaker burning subs and eerie samples in the prominent ‘darkside’ style of the era. This original version of the hugely popular ‘Moments So Dark’ is a perfect time capsule from the most experimental period of underground rave music.

‘Morning Drums’ marks the start of what would later become Liquid Drum & Bass. Tracks like this were the antidote to the ultra-dark sounds of the time-fast paced with sweeping atmosphere and a unique blend of ambient half time soul coupled with marching breaks.

‘Oh Oh’ is pure prototype Jungle with the signature Detroit style melodies and heavy hitting bass notes that would become a staple of the jungle sound from 94-96. A haunting melody alternates between the funky bass notes and firing drums.

PD 21 is similar in fashion to ‘Oh Oh’, a minimalist skank of bouncing breaks and hypnotic keys and sub frequencies. This set of previously unreleased tracks offers a window into a short lived but innovative period in rave music. Each track has the intensity and underground mystique of raving in 1993/4. A treat for ravers old and new!

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