Dan Muteki-Heads of State EP

Dark, raw Breakbeat Hardcore from Dan Muteki

Straight outta Bristol, Dan Muteki has been making raw, cut up Breakbeat Hardcore/Jungle Tekno for a good while now on labels like Cue Burn Digital which we recommend you check out. The Heads of State EP features two tracks, ‘Heads of State I & II.’ The first of these tracks gets seriously crunchy with bubbling snyths, acid 303s and dark hoovers coupled with scratch samples, angry rap vox and Maggie Thatcher!!!!

Part II gets seriously rage fuelled with reverse wobs, hyper intense breaks reminiscent of DJ Spatts/Criminal Minds. The track builds and builds to a hedonistic fusion of bleeps and hoovers with the refrain ‘People only dance to just what you give them’ adding to the fire.

This is rave as raw as it gets, energetic with the violent nature of a Prodigy tune and the underground kudos of an ultra rare white label hardcore slammer from 92/93. Dance to what you have been given!!!!



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