Darkcore Massacre [Switchblade Digital]

Lock yourself in the cupboard! Switchblade Digital’s next VA is on it’s way, loaded with nightmarishly good darkside hardcore and jungle bangers!

Brace yourself for the upcoming Switchblade Digital VA due out on limited edition CD. The album kicks off with Abyss‘ atmospheric amen break night fright ode to Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein complete with classic Hammer Horror style samples. Beat Rapist pours relentless musical darkness over snarling hoovers and brutal breaks for ‘Dark Methods VIP.’ Beats Are Broken follows with loops, skull scraping acid synths and a wash of amens with the Aphex Twin like ‘Death Trap.’

Deadly Nightshade provides some energetic 1992 style hardcore with ‘Mobius’, a towering and swirling composition of Belgian Techno riffs and rolling rave breaks. Master Mash‘s ‘Spiralling Into The Void’ opens with spacey new age synths and a fast, pounding beat that builds into some classic 1993 style darkcore. Mr Anderson goes full on horrercore with the tongue in cheek b movie sampling junglist roller ‘Camp Blood.’

Necrotype revisits 1997 with the hard as nails oldskool Metalheadz style tech stepper ‘The Pursuant.’ DJ Pursuit breaks out the 1993 style macabre synths and super crunchy amens for the ultra dark ‘Tenebrosity.’ Roko (whose album mix you can listen to above) opens ‘Blinded By Darkness’ with David Lynch style electricity snaps and stuttering breaks. The track descends into a flesh-eating feast of terror keys and tearout breaks.

The Shade Brothers contribute ‘The Crow’, a darkcore slammer in the style of the late and deeply missed DJ Tango circa 93. Eerie strings, spooky synths and hard cut up beats that are scarily good! Virtuoso concludes this excellent comp with the experimental, trippy rollage of ‘Illusion Of Confusion’, a gut churning blend of dark techno synths and intricate beats.

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