Day 11 – Cut La Roc – Bassheads (Mr No Hands Remix)

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Only one day to go till Happy Birthday Jesus day! As the timeless-tale / legend goes, the wee man was born in a stable as there was no room in the inn (probably because the inn was fully booked with Christmas parties). So, it seems tentatively fitting that we would celebrate with this slice of saw-tooth bassline madness which Mr No Hands designed for festival sound systems – after all, baby Jesus would likely have been fond of the occasional barn dance – which is essentially what festivals are.

And, like the ‘big day’, this track just builds and builds in anticipation.

First, Cut La Roc‘s “Bassheads” mantra is repeatedly lectured over and over like an angry teacher shouting in your scrunched up face. Then the down-tempo jungle grooves drop with just enough velocity to break the ice and keep you on your toes, or the edge of your seat simultaneously.

You know something big is coming, but before the track drops (fo’ reals), you have to endure wave after wave of brainwashing-synth-comatose come crashing down all around until the tension builds one last relentless time.

What happens next is…. just ridiculous. Check it out.

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Have a Happy Birthday Jesus day from everyone at Life Support Machine! xx

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