Daytoner & Mr Bird ft. The Audible One & Daisy B – Earthly Crowd

Cornwall based Moss Daytoner and Lisbon based Mr Bird have been best pals for a good 10 years or so now and even though they’ve had every intention to work on a release together, they’ve never managed to get round to it. Their own music projects and the distance between their front doors had kept a collab between them at bay, but after sharing production components back and forth over recent times, music has been created and damn good it is too!

The track they came up with is the hugely addictive Earthly Crowd and if you happen to dig funky Breaks with a B-boy/B-girl flavour, you’re gonna love this little beauty! Mr Bird takes the lead on the release and is joined by the sublimely soulful Daisy B and the rhyme firin’ MC The Audible One and together they cordially invite all to reach higher orbits. With a vocal sample scattered throughout, Moss’ version is essentially an instrumental, but where there are no vocals, there is tons more funk and groove and who doesn’t love a bit of that?!

After enjoying both versions of Earthly Crowd, all we can do is hope that it’s not another 10 years before something as good as this comes along!


Buy both tracks here on Bandcamp.


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Links for Mr Bird :

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