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Although we’re a little late getting round to blog it, we’re over the moon to finally be able to bring you the sensational debut LP ‘Off The Hook’ from Daytoner. This 11 track masterpiece has been 18 months in the making with a whole lot of love, passion, and dedication thrown in for good measure.

The title of the LP ‘Off The Hook’ relates to the journey of the band’s creator Moss Daytoner, who started out digging hard for samples to use in his own edits and re-edits that he created in his garden shed in Cornwall. While he was out playing those edits he had the idea that some live instrumentation could be added to take things to another level and set about making that happen. After one thing led to another, the mighty 7 piece Daytoner band was completely assembled and ready to make showstopping music to resonate with listeners of any age.

The band is made up of some very talented musicians but, as I’m sure the band will agree, the sound they make scales the highest of heights with the help of Lucy Richards incredible vocal and let me tell you, that lady can sing, she can really sing! Lucy can be found on all of the tracks on the album which includes brand new tracks and completely reworked and sample free versions of some of Moss Daytoners edits he did back in the day. The type of music you can expect to hear is a concoction of Funk, Northern Soul, Breaks and Jazz and when sampled, the warm glow of happiness that will take over you will be something you’ll soon find yourself hooked on.

Four of the tracks on ‘Off The Hook’ have already been reviewed here on LSM and were released on two 7″ vinyl releases. To read the reviews of the tracks and to find links to buy those 7″ records, click the links below :


Second Stomp // I Get By  –   Needed You // Sicka


The rest of the album, well, that’s bookended by the snazzy, jazzy opener ‘The Winning Hand (Is Mine)’ and the perfect closing track ‘I Did It For Love’ which will lift your spirits to a whole new level. In between, you’ll find the smoldering sound of ‘Stop & Go’ and the sassy and sax-heavy ‘Pacific’ which are both of the downtempo variety.

The cool groove of ‘Games’ sees a slight rise in tempo and energy, which is a trend that continues with force on the final two tracks ‘Cloud 160’ and ‘Live Wonder’. This pair have most definitely been created for those who love to get on the dance floor and dance like no one’s watching!

Moss Daytoner’s decision to go from a one-man band to a seven-piece band is clearly an inspired one and when the music is as good as it is on ‘Off The Hook’, we’re very excited to follow the journey they go on together in the future.


Buy the ‘Off The Hook’ LP here on Bandcamp.


Links for Daytoner :

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