DCLS004 – Regeneration EP Part 1 – Hardcore Vinylists Records

Hardcore Vinylists Records present the Regeneration EP Part 1 featuring 4 cuts of real deal Hardcore Rave from Innercore, Nervous & Anxious, DJ Style 90.6 and Inferno.

This incredible EP begins with our favourite Innercore track to date. ‘Power 2 Da People’ is a Dave Charlesworth ‘Energizer’ style cut up track with familiar hooks such as ‘Dominator’ and ‘I Know’ along with Belgian Techno stabs and a rush inducing backdrop of high intensity 1992 keys and breaks. Its Dreamscape 4 packed into a roller coaster ride of rave energy!

The ‘Fantazia’ tune of this EP is ‘Crawl Space’ by DJ Style 90.6. A darker affair with influences like LTJ Bukem, DJ Phantasy and Top Buzz, this second track is fueled by Funky Drummer style breaks, ‘Bang The Drums’ style bleeps, haunting chords and dark strings lurking in the mix.

Hardcore veterans, Nervous & Anxious ‘Elevate’ with a vivacious slice of piano rave power packed with bouncing breaks, quintessential Italo/Rave piano and maniacal hoovers.

Inferno pays homage to DJ Seduction with ‘Score Some’ fueled by Sedders style stabs and a ‘Hackney Hardcore’ 4 note riff that brings back happy memories.

The Regeneration EP Part 1 drops on Hardcore Vinylists Records 07/11/20, be quick to avoid FOMO!

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