Dee Sub- Codes EP

Kniteforce Prime release No2 is a storming 4 track EP by Dee Subs!

All Nite opens with some of that hypnotising piano that signifies much of the early rave sound. This is followed by a burst of 8 bit synth fire soon followed by a MASSIVE dark techno drop all underpinned with booming deep subs, this is a warehouse experience that you can plug straight into your ears!

Save My Soul is similar in style to the previous track with tougher beats and dark riffs threading in between the pain and punchy stabs with 303s. Now we’re really starting to get sweaty!

Wait A Minute kicks off with a Chicago House/Bleep n’ Bass’ vibe before switching gears into some well ‘ard Techno driven ‘ardcore business!!! The rip-roaring darkside grooves flip to absolutely manic hoovers that will get you wide eyed and out of control!

Code One is the absolute school bully of this EP, ready to grab you unsuspected and pull you behind the bicycle shed for a good hiding!!! There’s more than a hint of early Hardcore Techno on this stomper, is it the 10 inch python hoovers? Is it the hammer like stabs or the rock hard kicks and amen breaks? It’s all of it and you ain’t gonna argue!!!

Available 17/04/22 on

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