Deep & Meaningful Vol 2

With the new Deep & Meaningful Vol 2 VA on the Complex imprint, you can expect to experience a range of emotions as you embark on a deep DnB journey in the company of Marvel Cinema, Dan Guidance, Fishy, Josephs Perception, Marcus Tee, Monument Banks and more

We begin with dark rumbling far eastern influenced flavours from Marvel Cinema Dan Guidance & Fishy with ‘Cosmic Rift’

Josephs Perception provides sublime musical heart & soul with ‘I Want You’

Kurruptdata turns in a classic roller with the perfect juxtaposition of haunting keys to a backdrop of gnarly bass with ‘Touching You’

Marcus Tee & Monument Banks bring the jazzy feel good vibes with the warm current of ‘These Four Walls’

For the early morning ambience lovers, Midn8Runner serves an irresistible course of glistening strings on ‘Ascend’

Things get experimental with the bleepy minimal grooves of Omtrek ‘s ‘Glazed Up’

It gets pleasingly off-kilter and noir like for Skorpz’ ‘The Night’

And to close out, we get a sunrise in Ibiza moment with Avalon Rays ‘Kiss Of An Angel’ (2018 Remix), a Twin Peaks esque lounge epic to put the definitive stamp of quality on a damn fine compilation!!!

Deep & Meaningful Vol 2 on Complex Records is due out 14/05/18

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