DéRidge – Tension

Techno for me is one of those genres of music I love, but don’t spend enough time listening to because there are others I just love that little bit more. However, stumbling across Dutch Techno wizard DéRidge, Techno is the only thing I want to listen to and his back catalogue is pretty much my main focus of attention. The reason for that is because his sound is one that comes with many layers and textures and whether it’s intense or a bit more atmospheric, it always makes sure that your attention is nowhere else but on the music. ‘Tension’ is his latest track and it definitely sits in the ‘intense’ category and weighs in as something of a brute. That said, it’s a captivating piece of music that funnily enough, builds tension as it grows. As first introductions go, this is a damn good one!


Download ‘Tension’ for free or pay what you like here on Bandcamp.


Links for DéRidge :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Bandcamp / Hearthis / Mixcloud / YouTube

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