Dev/Null drops an LP of Hardcore Jungle rollers that has us in a lather!

Pete Devnull is a blogger, record label boss, radio host/DJ and a producer. Those who know his work, know Dev/Null to be an avid oldskool Hardcore & Jungle vinyl collector. It is perhaps no surprise that Pete absolutely nails the sound with his 8 track LP ‘Microjunglizm.’ Track one ‘E-Yeah’absolutely does not ease the listener in but rather goes for the jugular with a Hardcore Jungle assault that has shades of The Prodigy.

‘Dark Fours’ is, as the name suggests, a 4×4 stomper straight from the darkest nooks of 1993 that explodes into a ferocious series of bomb blasts and amens before delivering a payload the late DJ Tango would be proud of.

‘Breath’ springboards from a Funky Drummer into complex amens and shudder inducing, almost diegetic sounds. The darkness is bookended by deep strings in a picture perfect halfway Darkcore, halfway Proto Jungle dynamic.

‘Broken Bell’ nods to a certain type of Hardcore tune in the mist of 1993 to 1994. Ghostly chimes meet rumbling subs and early Drumfunk style beats. A junglist John Carpenter if you will.

The ghostly rumbles continue on ‘Warning Sign’ while the beats hammer hard.Mutant hoovers jostle for space before a mid section of sheer horror pummels us into cowering submission.

The ‘RNG Remix’ vaults into 94 Jungle territory with cut up and pitched vocals set to slick drum programming and raw sub bass.

‘Orchstomp’ opens with a chilling set of choral strings that lead into some pure 93 style Jungle Techno a la Wax Doctor, Jack Smooth et al.

‘Time to Rhyme’ wraps up a killer LP with some Ragga Dub business mixed up with oldskool ‘ardcore beats and chipmunked vocals. It’s hard not to think of the resurgent Ibiza, Kemet and 3rd Party Recs sound on this classy closer. The fact that all the tracks clock in at radio friendly lengths makes this writer hope it will indeed get much deserved airplay.

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