Digital Gangsters – Digitally Mashed




A new promo mix for my latest venture. Along with my friend Ollie, together, we are Digital Gangsters! Expect badass bass, awesome acid lines, terrific transitions and exclusive edits and acapellas to make our unique sound.

Our aim – to spread good vibes far and wide across dancefloors of the nation. Ol’s background is firmly in breakbeat and electro where as my roots would be more house and bass orientated, thus this fusion was born. F**k genres let’s just play good music!

Our new release ‘Snakebite’ featured in the mix is available to buy now, links below. Our next single ‘Rhubarb Bikini’ is scheduled to be dropped this summer 🙂



1. Journey Into Sound Intro
2. Cloone – Be Good To Me
3. DSC – Coming Round (Rex The Dog Remix)
4. Marie Davidson – Work It (Soulwax Remix)
5. Digital Gangsters – Snakebite
6. The Prodigy – Spitfire (Future Funk Squad’s Dogfight Remix)
7. Matroda – Do You Remember House?
8. Prosper – Prayer
9. Elite Force – Kinetica
10. Foamo – Without You
11. Plump Djs – Voices of Doom
12. Stanton Warriors – Walking
13. Yer Man – More Therapy
14. Cazztek – Don’t Let The Bass Get Ya
15. Yo Speed – Hold Your Head Up
16. Keanu Silva – Fine Day
17. Phlegmatic Dogs – Bounce
18. Anton Powers & Redondo – Make Your Move (Endor Remix)
19. Bryan Stingily & BK298 – Sing Feat. Byron StingIly Extended Mix
20. Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes – Roll Player (Hedflux Remix)
21. The Chemical Brothers – Got To Keep On (Midland Remix)
22. Underworld – King Of Snake (Fat Boy Slim Remix)

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