Disco Funkin’, Vol. 3: Curated by Natasha Kitty Katt (Bombstrikes)

With Shaka Loves You and Flevans taking care of volumes 1 and 2 of Bombstrikes superb Disco Funkin’ compilation series, label bosses Mooqee and Beatvandals sat down with a brew to discuss who should be handed the keys to volume 3 and after some sipping and slurping of said brews, they came to the unanimous decision that the honour should be bestowed upon Scotland’s very own Disco Queen, Natasha Kitty Katt.

Being born into a Soul music obsessed family, Natasha had an early advantage as to what good music really was. After some exploring of her own, along came Disco and hooked she has been ever since. Her meteoric rise in the scene has seen her work be released on heavy-hitting labels such as Midnight Riot, Masterworks Music, Paper Recordings and Tropical Disco to name a few. Now a bonafide member of the Glitterbox and Defected family, Natasha has also globe trotted her way from dancefloor to dancefloor with her high-energy sets wowing crowds and leaving them knowing that they’ve danced like they never danced before and with all things summed up, that’s pretty much how things are going to pan out with Disco Funkin’ Vol.3.

Packed with 23 essential tracks, the album consists of certified Disco heaters with a few eclectic twists and turns along the way and with a ‘contacts’ book that’s as choc-a-bloc with star names from the scene as Natasha’s is, high-calibre music is all that was ever going to found on the album. Choice cuts from the likes of Yuksek, Oliver Boogie, Fouk, Birdie, Prosper & Stabfinger and Hotmood amongst others all come together to create a listening experience like no other. There is, of course, a handful of tracks from Natasha herself and the ones she has selected give a great representation as to just how good and infectious her production work really is.

The Disco Funkin’ compilation series may have only reached Vol.3, but because of the curators selected and the music they have delivered, we’re very much looking forward to seeing it grow even bigger than it has already become.


Buy Disco Funkin’ Vol. 3 here on Bandcamp.


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