Disco Made Me Do It – Volume 3 V/A (Midnight Riot)

Midnight Riot is back causing havoc of the Disco kind with the third volume of its ongoing compilation series Disco Made Me Do It.

The Disco Made Me Do It series was created to shine a light on some of the cleanest-cut gems that can be found in its ever-expanding treasure chest and showcase the brilliant work of the producers on its roster. Just like the previous volume, volume 3 comes packed with 24 high-quality and in the most part high-energy re-edits, remixes and originals that can be yours for just £7 and it won’t take too much listening to realise you’ve got a very decent deal on your hands.

Some of the soul-enriching music that makes this a must-have purchase includes Mark Brickman‘s stick of Disco dynamite Again and Again which opens the album with a real bang, Michael Gray‘s cosmically charged Voyage, Brwn Luxxry‘s brass-toting hottie Mr DJ Please, Those Guys From Athens’ sunshine-kissed Love Explosion, Ladies On Mars’ exhilarating Got Me and C Da Afro‘s funk and brass-laced Feel Alright. There’s an endless amount of enjoyment to had with this album, so let your inhibitions go and make the most of every second!

If you’re loving the sound of the music on offer on here, it’s well worth pointing out that you can subscribe to Midnight Riot on its Bandcamp page. £10 a month gets you 47 back catalogue items and every new release will be delivered to your Bandcamp collection on the date it’s dropped. With several releases a month and the adage of that chunk of back catalogue material, it seems that Midnight Riot is the Disco friendly label that just keeps on dishing out the great deals!


Buy Disco Made Me Do It – Vol 3 here on Bandcamp.


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