Divergence Sampler 001 [FXtion Records]

FXtion Records presents the Divergence Sampler 001, a divergent VA featuring excellent House music from Jame Moorfield, Ashley Fearn, Lee Pearce and Port Manteau.

Ashley Fearn kicks off this sampler with the eerie spoken word samples and tough beats of ‘Left Behind’, Jame Moorfield is next up with a punchy affair going by the title of ‘The District’

Label boss, Lee Pearce offers the first of two contributions to this VA, the tasteful techy edge ‘Dusty Shaker’ is just perfect for shakin’ to and Lee’s second contribution ‘Pressure’ is a whirlpool of pumping beats and hypnotic loops.

And then there’s our pick from this quality comp, Port Manteau fresh from a fine outing on Swerve Digital, give us ‘Button Monkey’, a track full of almost breakbeat like drums, all kinds of intereting filters and effects and atmospheric dirty bass, a real winnner!

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