DJ Beeno – The Puppeteer

DJ Beeno returns to Kniteforce with more of his signature Rave delights on ‘The Puppeteer’ EP

The essence of Rave is having fun. DJ Beeno distils that spirit of fun into 4 hardcore bangers with production levels that more than match the more ‘serious’ music makers out there.

The fun begins on ‘With You’ where a polka style melody meets 303s, Eric Cartman, a Disney style vocal and out in the ether 92 style pianos a la Opus III.

‘Close Your Eyes’ matches the glistening muscular sound of Eurodance and 80s Rap with a gorgeous and poignant section of 90s ballad style piano and vocals from the stunning ‘Possession.’ It’s kind of like a 2021 answer to the classic ‘4am’ by Orca.

‘Beggin’ In Da’ Jungle’ (Revamp( puts the Four Seasons through a Jungle blender with oldskool 94 style bass patterns and a ton of scratch FX before plunging into the darkside! Nothing short of genius!!!

‘From The Inside’ drops the BPMS down to my own preferred 92 tempo and lays down some oh so Kniteforce quirky chipmunked vocals before paying musical respect to circa 92 DJ SS and House Crew with some bass heavy Jungle Tekno in the field!!!!

Get your copy from Kniteforce Revolution 26/8/21

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