DJ BK – The Love Edits Vol. 10: Salsoul Records [Free DL]

DJ BK is a German-based DJ who has been exciting dancefloors since the mid-’90s and dropping mixtapes on his Soundcloud page for over 4 years. His collection of mixes is 84 strong at the time of writing this and whilst the majority of them are Disco led, you can also find a few House, Funk and Hip Hop mixes while scrolling through his back catalogue. As you’ll find while checking out what DJ BK has to offer, you’ll notice that a lot of mixes belong to several different mix series’ and one that I’ve been particularly enjoying is his “The Love Edits” series.

“The Love Edits” series hones in on one particular artist, label or genre of music and when DJ BK has chosen where to aim his attention at, he then thoroughly scours the internet to find re-edits, remixes and reworks to create a mix that pays homage to said artists, labels or genres through the minds of today’s talented producers. Having already focused on Sade, Prince, Marvin Gaye and the Hip Hop scene amongst others thus far, DJ BK this time presents a mix that shines a light on reworked music from the legendary Disco label Salsoul Records. The almost 2-hour mix is a Disco lovers dream and free to download to boot, so live out your best times while getting down to the grooviest of sounds!

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