DJ Chamber – 16 Bars Video Series

DJ Chamber has taken to the screen and has started a new video collab series. It’s gonna see him team up with some of his very favourite rappers, DJ’s and muscians to create ’16 Bars’ of absolute magic. The videos are a split screen setup and has himself getting his fingers busy with creating beats while the artists do their thing. So far he has collaborated with The Kurnel MC, Great Scott, MC Sir-Ill, Jimi Needles and violinist Joregatesu and as you can see, we’ve lined them up conveniently below so you can check them all out. It’s looks to be a great little series to keep tabs and as ever the links to do that are at the bottom of the page.


16 Bars #1 with The Kurnel MC


16 Bars #2 With Great Scott


16 Bars #3 with MC Sir-Ill


16 Bars #4 with Jimi Needles


16 Bars #5 with Joregatesu


Links for DJ Chamber :

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